javascript add thousands separator to number





Answers. Heres a non-regular expression way of adding thousands separators to the integer partJavascript convert decimal power to regular decimal. How to apply thousand seperator in a number and get it as a number itself? Javascript Thousand Separator / string format. Is there any function in Javascript for formatting number and strings ?Possible Duplicate: How to format numbers using javascript? I want to add a thousand seperator, like to a number in JavaScript. Possible Duplicate: how to print number with commas as thousands separators in Javascript. I have a function that will add thousand seperators to a number, however it is not working well when a decimal is passed in This is my script for counting number given the final number (see html). What I want to do is to add a thousands separator.The problem with this is that it will not show the thousands separator WHILE animating the counting. How to use Java or Groovy printf to add Thousands separator to String 2010-01-19.I have strings which contains thousand separators, however no string-to- number function wants to consume it correctly (using JavaScript). I am trying to print an integer in JavaScript with commas as thousands separators. For example, I want to show the number 1234567 as "1,234,567".neu-rah mentioned that this function adds commas in undesirable places if there are more than 3 digits after the decimal point. I am trying to add commas (thousand separator) for big numbers that use the follow counter function: < script typetext/javascript> (window).load(function() (.550,000 was sometimes only counting as far as 549,826 or so). Heres a simplified solution which toLocaleString function to add the decimal It does so admirably only I would like to have it put the commas in there that are needed to separate the thousands.

Initially, youll note, there are commas in the numbers being added.