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" method"post">.Image replacement for form submit button. Close a fancybox ON form submit and BEFORE processing with ajax. List posts by the terms for a custom taxonomy of any post type. Here is the form code: for the action in my form tag.echoing html in php - 11 replies. SERVER[PHPSELF] prob -PHP - 3 replies. I read that there is a potential security issue with forms like this ( action SERVER[PHPSELF]). methodpost> or this without the echo like this echo"" my message is Parse error: syntax error, unexpected TVARIABLE, expecting , or Here is the form code:

The solution for this problem is infact rather simpleUse htmlentities() php function to sanitize SERVER[PHPSELF]. < form method"post" action"" method"post"> and are equals because SERVER[PHPSELF] return the script name in execution andSimple Ajax/PHP contact form with validation. Best way to compress HTML, CSS JS with moddeflate and modgzip disabled. But SERVER[PHPSELF] gives only the house.php (My page full url is house.php?pid10111 like this) Please help me to solve this problem. thanks.Leaving the action value blank will cause the form to post back to itself. You can use an echo shortcut also instead of typing out "echo blah" as However when i try to insert a inside an action tag inside a form, unwanted visible text is printed onto my page most likely due to some sort of parsing error. PHPSELF is a super-global variable that returns the name and path of the current file (from the root folder) .

It is used in the action attribute of a form .echo "
Change your name by submitting a new name in the following form ." ?> < form method"post" action"?actionvalidate. " accept-charset"UTF-8"> This code used to work. My web host recently told me they enabled phpsuexec option in apache which apparently needs me to CHMOD my PHP page to 750 and the directory to 755." but I dont think that should be necessary. You can use an echo shortcut also instead of typing out echo blah as shown below: < form method"POST" action"">Previous article. Not able to make xmpp connection between my app server and GCMs CCS using XMPPHP library. " method"post"> Your name: