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Deadline to file individual tax returns (Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ) for the year 2014 or to request an Automatic Extension (Form 4868).1st quarter estimated tax payments due for the 2015 tax year. The first of the deadlines for the 2013/14 Tax Return is the 31 October 2014. This deadline is for those that submit their return on paper.The final filing deadline is the 31 January 2015, for online Tax Returns. A holiday in the nations capital has pushed back the tax return filing deadline to April 18.The tax deadline is normally April 15. Because Washington, D.C. is marking Emancipation Day on Friday instead of its ordinary April 16 a Saturday this year, Tax Day was moved to Monday. Tax Deadlines 2015. The following is a compilation of various deadlines for filing returns with the IRS and making various payments. Tax Deadlines 2015. December 31, 2014. Last day to make any tax moves for the year 2014. Last day to set up a solo 401(k) for self-employed persons. Indias Tax Return Deadline.The deadline for late-filing 2013-2014 tax returns is July 31, 2015. However, a belated return can be filed within a period of one year from the end of the assessment year or before completion of the assessment, whichever is earlier. Tax Deadline Alert: 2015 Tax Returns Are Due April 18, 2016 | US Tax Center. Mark your calendar! Due to an overlap of tax deadlines and Federal/State holidays, the IRS has announced some new due dates for the upcoming 2016 tax season. So on 31 January a taxpayer may have to pay both the balancing payment for the year 2014-15 and the first payment on account for 2015-16.Youll still have to file your tax return, but you now have online tax return deadline 2014 more months to do it until October 16, 2017. tax filing deadline 2017, income tax deadline 2017 ,when is tax deadline 2017 - Duration: 1:13.

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Tax Tips: How to mail your tax return - Duration: 0:47. How to File Income Tax Return after deadline. The process of Filing income tax return remains the same. Our article How to fill ITR1 for Income from Salary,House Property,TDS explains the process with pictures.I fail to file my ITR for the AY 2014 to 2015. Is it possible to file for return now? You can file a Tax Return for a previous tax year anytime, but you can only claim a refund within 3 years of the original tax deadline.Tax Year 2016 Tax Year 2015 Tax Year 2014 Tax Year 2013. Deadline for filing state income tax returns (for most states) and extension requests. October 15, 2015.Filing a 2014 tax amendment. You can file an amended or previous year return anytime, but you have a deadline of 3 years from the original due date to claim any tax refund. The 2015-2016 tax returns can be submitted in two ways. The business can either send a paper tax return or fill an online return on the HMRC website. There is different tax return deadline for different methods. So the 2014/2015 financial year is 6th April 2014 through to 5th April 2015. How do I start my tax return? Completing a tax return yourself can be aOnline returns are completed via the HMRC website and the deadline for submission is January 31st, which is also the tax bill payment deadline. With the holidays fast approaching, we are also nearing the final deadline for the 2015 tax returns, which cover the year to 5th April 2015.January 31st is also the deadline for paying any tax you owe for 2014/15, so preparing the return as soon as possible is advised otherwise you could get a nasty Here is a schedule of 2015 IRS tax filing deadlines for domestic US taxpayers --- individuals and entities.It might reduce a potential estimated tax penalty on your 2014 tax return. Most often, this applies to self-employed individuals. Individual income tax: The deadline for filing an income tax return for tax year 2014 is 27 July 2015. Tax due may be paid in three equal bimonthly installments: by the last business day of July, September and November. Individual Extended 2015 Tax Return Due Date (1040). Thats right this year individual income taxes (Form 1040) were due on April 18th, because Emancipation Day delayed the normal April 15th deadline. There is good news for those of you in the heat of gathering your tax information to prepare and file your 2013 personal income tax return. The filing deadline has been extended from April 30, 2014 to May 5, 2014. Articles By This Author. Tax Return 2013-2014 Deadline 31 January 2015.If you have one or more of the following, then you must submit your tax returns. Youre self-employed. You are a partner in a business Partnership. For the tax year 2014 the final filing date is extended till 1st May 2015 .The payment therefore must (in general) be made before the same deadline as for filing the tax return. Online Form 11 returns via Revenue Online Service have a later deadline of November 12th 2015. There is a late filing penalty if tax returns are not made in time. The penalty is 5 of your tax bill if the 2014 tax return is made late but before the 31st Dec 2015. It doesnt matter if you have zero tax to pay you still need to submit your tax return on time! You also need to have paid HMRC any tax due for the 2015-16 financial year by the same 31 January deadline. The tax deadline 2015 is 31 October. That means, your 2014-2015 tax return is considered late as of 1 November 2015. It also means some tax services like etax will shut down. 2014-2015 Personal Tax Return Deadline. adress is not specified. 31 January , Sunday 14:00. Or you can download the HMRC Tax Deadlines Guide 2014/2015 from this link: tax-deadlines-2014-2015-pdf.31st. Midnight deadline for paper submission of Self Assessment tax returns for tax year ended 5 April 2014 to be received by HMRC. June 15, 2015 Deadline for filing a 2014 personal return for U.S. citizens or residents living and working abroad, including military duty. Due date for second installment of 2015 estimated tax payments. We would like to remind our readers that your 2014 Canadian tax returns typically need to be filed on or before April 30, 2015. Please contact CJ Capital if you have any questions related to filing your tax return, such as capital gains taxes, taxation of interest income, etc. Tax Return Deadline. If you work for yourself, or youre a freelancer, or you work for a company but dont get paid at source then you may well have highlighted 31st January in your calendar.December 2015. 2016 Tax Return Deadlines. Posted by GrandLawFirm on February 18, 2016 with 0 Comment.Now for the moment ever tax filer looks forward to: receiving his or her refund. When will you receive your 2015 tax refund? Tomorrow is the deadline to fill in your online tax return - but there are still hundreds of thousands of people who have left it to the last minute. In fact more than half a million self-employed people or small businesses in the UK will leave completing their tax returns until today For prior years see: 2017 Tax Filing Deadline, 2016 Tax Filing Deadline, 2015 Tax Filing Deadline, 2014 Tax Filing Deadline.June 15, 2018 CRA tax deadline for self-employed persons to file their personal income tax return. 2014/2015 Tax Return Deadline - Tax Rebate Services. 2014/2015 Tax Return Deadline! Submit your tax return on time to avoid any late penalties. The deadline for filing online tax returns is 31 st January 2016. Taxes. How to Submit/eFile Income Tax Return and Wealth Statement Online With FBR for Tax Years 2014, 2015, 2016 2017.APP. Deadline for filing of tax return extended till 30.10.2017. Source. Tax Rates for Business individuals and AOPs. Submit Paper Tax Return by Oct 31st! Its tax return time again and HMRC has been issuing reminders for those of you who wish to submit your 2014-2015 self assessment return in paper format. The return must be filed (not just put in the post) The FBAR is not filed with a federal tax return.Regarding FBAR, edot is right - the 2015 FBAR deadline is still June 30, 2016, but the 2016 FBAR will be due on April 15, 2017. October Harvest Festival, Halloween and the deadline for filing your paper self-assessment tax return! HMRC must receive your paper tax return for the 2014/15 tax year by 31st October 2015. Postal delays will not be considered a valid excuse! Theres 3 weeks to go until tax return deadline day. By 31st January 2017, you will need to file your tax return and pay any tax owed to avoid penalties.Online filing for your 2015/16 self assessment tax return deadline. Income Tax Deadline Tax Return Deadline Filing. 5 Steps to Take Today if You Missed the Income Tax Deadline - Careful Cents.TaxReturns from 99 - The SelfAssessment Tax Return deadline is tomorrow at midnight. The deadline for paper tax returns to reach HMRC is by midnight on 31st October 2014, and the tax filing season opens on 6th April 2014. The deadline for online self-assessment tax returns is 31st January 2015. When in 2015 was Self Assessment Tax Return Deadline?In the UK, HMRC Self Assessment Income Tax Returns are due on this date. Count down to Self Assessment Tax Return Deadline.Friday, 31 January 2014. The table below shows the 2015 deadlines for filing 2014 individual income tax returns, as well as deadlines for tax extensions. One important thing to note is that you can file your taxes anytime after the start of the year, but the IRS will not process any paper or electronic returns until the IRS e-file If we dont receive your tax return by the deadlines, you will have to pay a 100 penalty even if you dont owe any tax.Add up the amount you were entitled to receive from 6 April 2014 to 5 April 2015 and put the total in box 7. Dont include any amount you received for Attendance Allowance. We are quickly approaching the 2014-2015 Self Assessment tax return deadline. Everyone with a UTR (Unique Tax Reference Number) must submit a tax return to HMRC by the 31st January 2016.The tax return needs to include all income from 06th April 2014 to 05th April 2015. 25-09-2015 - Submission and Payment of VAT201 Manual Registered Vendors 30-09- 2015 - Deadline for manual/postal tax returns. The filing period is for the period of March 1 2014 to February 28 2015. whether they are legally required to file," warned Stiaan Klue Deadlines filing 2015 CIT return. Additional information.Please note that as of the financial year 2014 (2014/2015) the corporate income tax payable must be paid together with the return at the moment of filing the return. Tax Return Deadline 2014. October 29, 2014 Written by bac.If you have started a business, are a company director or have rental income, you may be obliged to submit a tax return by the 31st October. Tax Return Filing Deadline for Personal Income Tax: Generally, your tax return for the Year 2013 has to be filled on or before April 30, 2014.Canadian Tax Brackets 2015. RRSP Tax Refund Calculator. Key tax deadlines for tax agents 2014-2015.

This calendar should help you establish when your clients key tax deadlines are, including the variable deadlines that you need to consider (see page 2).Self Assessment tax returns for tax year ended 5 April 2014 to be received by HMRC. Tax Return Deadline 2015. This is a sub-title placeholder, you can put your page description here.And with this years tax return deadline of 31st January is fast approaching it seems women are more likely to submit theirs on time than men. Tax Return Deadline Reminder. 39 people online! February 28th 2018. Week 48.PAYE Tax Codes For The 2014/2015 Tax Year24 views.

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