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And you might looks for the Top reasons why video games are bad for you.8. Get into a sport 9. Get some balls and face your problems.I am writing an essay for school about why kids should not play video games a long time and I needed one objection for it. Yes: eSports Is a Sport. On a fall afternoon in 2014, 40,000 screaming fans packed into a soccer stadium in Seoul, South Korea, to witness the world championship for League of Legends, one of the worlds most popular video games. Why Video Games Should Be Considered A Sport - Duration: 6:12. Wolffe 302 views.Can Videos Games Ever Be Considered A Sport? It is also being considered for inclusion in the Pan-American Games.24 thoughts on Ten Reasons why Chess is a Sport. drucker saysIt should be a sport because it is played in leagues and played competitively. A WHO spokesman said: "Most people who play video games dont have a disorder, just like most people who drinkSome doctors believe that too much gaming should not be considered a mental illness.You think sports games are the best kind of games. Tell the others three reasons why. Report abuse. Transcript of GAMING SHOULD BE CONSIDERED A SPORT. add logo here. Did you know that almost everyone in the world says that video games are bad for you?Gaming is not considered a sport, so why should golf and pool be considered sports? Sports is considered to be one of the best and most common stress busters for kids, other than reading or listening to music.10 Reasons why others Opinions Doesnt Work. Top 10 Most Deliciously Unhealthy Foods. first paragraph: introduction with thesis statement. second: background informations about the topic.

third and fourth and fifth is the three reasons why you support sixth: is to counter an opponents point and what the opponent would say about the three reasons seventh : is to restate the thesis.Conclusion. Nevertheless, this is only one of many definitions for the word "sport." There are many variants to the definition that will play a huge role in determining if in fact video games should be considered sports on a national level. The increasing reputation up to our current time, in which eSports is matching the popularity of mainstream sports, gives reason to why it should be considered a sport.Michael Cohen, a video games journalist, wrote an article titled eSports is not a Sport.

Sports are an indispensable part of human life. However, some are considered to be more dangerous than the others.I strongly believe that extreme sports are not a hazard and should NOT be banned. There are many reasons for letting them stay a part of our life. One of the biggest reasons why some players go professional is because of the money and the fame.And maybe it can help them in school or at work if they have job. So, should video games be considered a sport? Arts Autos Books Business Education Entertainment Family Fashion Food Games Gender Health Holidays Home HubPages Personal Finance Pets Politics Religion Sports Technology Travel.Below are ten reasons why dancing should be considered a sport: 10 Stamina. Should video gaming be an Olympic sport?? Do you consider videogaming a sport?Is Golf considered a sport?? Why are Poker and Chess considered sports ???? It has long been a highly debated issue whether video games can be considered art or not. I go through some of the reasons why they should and why our definition of art needs to be re-defined. "Why is it not a sport?" says Blicharz. "Why should a horse be forced to prove it is indeed aNow that you know more about esports, what do you think? Can it be considered a sport?State of the Game: Premier League is one third English. Read. BBC News - Video Games index. Were often told that video games are unproductive, unhealthy wastes of time. People who say that kind of stuff need to leave. Here, SourceFeds Joe Bereta and Lee Newton discuss seven health benefits playing video games can give you. Video games should not be considered a sport because they lack real athleticism.Why we need to stop politicizing events. Column. NFL must continue to improve player safety. Opinions. Visiting toxic family members should not be an obligation during the holidays. Memorizing game plays is a large roll in football and other team sports, same with band.For some odd reason, people have the idea that its easy to play in motion, its anything but!Should E-sports be considered a sport? Advantages and Disadvantages in Sport Technology. There are many reasons why risk sports should be banned: The main reason is that they are of high risk and could cause you death.For instance, it is commonly seen, young kids playing or trying wrestling or boxing moves at homes while playing or kids showing interest in such games. The production of video games with no educational value should not be banned. There are many important reasons why this shouldnt happen to them. First of all video games arent made so kids can learn from them, they are so kids can have fun. Now, why should we consider this a real sport?13 Game Of Thrones Actors You Didnt Realise Were In Popular Video Games. Sports journalists and should video games be considered a sport essay bloggers covering NFLVideo Game Violence and Why It Should End. Colleges and universities around the world, the.of violent video games is among the most widely discussed topics in media studies, and for good reason. Video games should not be sports because the definition of a sport does not correctly describe video games.Do you consider video games as an art? Why arent video games Olympic sports? Needless to say, age is just a number when it comes to playing a sport because as a team it requires more coordination than experience to ace the game. Competitive Spirit. Author of books Thinking About Video Games Rhetoric Online.Thats why I think you should try it. Moving Forward. I will never be able to entirely escape sports, nor do I think it would be healthy to do so. Should eSports (electronic sports) be considered sports?However, esports is competitive video gaming: it is currently classified in the UK as a game (like chess and bridge) and not a sport. All Reviews Hot New Books Book Reviews Music Reviews Movie Reviews TV show reviews Video game reviews.Yeah those are all great sports, but what about those sports that arent sports, but should be? Marching band should be considered a sport for many reasons. Video-games as a sport Essay. Submitted By andrewsha098.For everyone who still considers sports having to do something with physical, I question you this: Why is poker considered a sport?Some people feel that this should be considered as a sport because this Although video gaming should certainly be supervised, there are good reasons why you should let your kids spend a few hours a week building cities or battling aliens. This whole new dimension has become what some would argue, the reason why eSports should be among the other sports.But amid the various tournaments with huge prize money and the high level of competitiveness in video games, should eSports really be considered as a sport? Here are the reasons why it is a sport!Best Years of Music in the 1980s Top 10 Bands to Check Out If You Love Dream Theater Top 10 Video Games of 2017 Best Songs of 2017 Best Online Tax Providers Best Cell Phone Services Best Digital Camera Brands Best Home Workout Programs Best Should we do this when the research considers these games addictive?That day, I was being interviewed by ABC News for a story on Candy Crush Saga, when I told the reporter about my deep concerns over video games being considered an athletic sport, she followed up with a story, What It brings good business, just like any other major sport. Heck, if professional wrestling can be considered a sport, I really dont see why this cant at this point in time.To play videogames, tinker with new gadgets, make Youtube videos, and live to tell the tale. Hi :) I write gaming stuff here, and That makes an odd point, if these activities are considered activity, why arent they offered as activity by the Olympic board.Unless you consider moving fingertips as movements, video games do not drop under this purpose of game. This is only one of many explanations for sport. Here are few reasons why grown-ups should engage more in video games.So, if youre a grown-up and youve still not embraced playing video games, consider the reasonsSports Star: 5 Gyms Of New York To Meet A Celebrity. Other. Enjoy Sports: 7 Ski Resorts Situated Near Vancouver. From kids to adults, baseball has always been considered as a favorite sport.What are the top reasons why you should play it?In fact even when you are playing the video game, you can still enjoy. "If Chess is a Sport, why Arent Video Games?Video gaming may not be considered a sport, mainly because people think of it as a way to slack off and become lazy.reasoning. League Of Legends. Kids play video games, but the kids that are addicted to them are the ones that rather stay inside on a nice day and play games. If it is a nice day, kidsThe are countless reasons why kids should play youth football. Every kid should reap the benefits that come from playing this amazing sport. Should E-sports be considered a sport? Topics: Sport, Full-time, Game Pages: 2 (1155 words) Published: April 25, 2015.The Achievement theory assisted in giving an insight into why people participate and stay involved in sport and exercise. Its a mind sport. If poker card games and chess both have the players sitting down and are considered sports, why not virtual gaming as well.No, video gaming should not considered a sport. I believe that video gaming is a hobby (perhaps for some people, a passion). To me, a sport But its not. Video games should not be categorized as sportsTraditional sports are embedded in our culture for good reason they offer an entertaining diversion (and a great form of physical activity) for millions of worldwide fans.Why You Should Be Playing 2016s Shooters in 2017. Now lets combine entertainment, digitalizing, and sports! With that combination, being a professional video gamer becomes a possibility!Of course, were going to supplement that witha few reasons why you should pick up professional gaming as a career. The Learning Network | Should Video Games Be Considered a Sport?The reason why I think video games is because you might learn something new that has not been taught in school.Then you can come back to school and tell the teachers!!!!! The popularity of sports video games is high for two main reasons:A) people want to simulate their own games, and B) people want to be e.g. a manger on fifa orWhy are video games considered a sport? There not.Video Games. 1,529 CONTRIBUTIONS.

Experts you should follow. In a sport thats got regulated violence, there are limitations to how long you can play.Brees is healthy, just came off one of his best games ever. I dont get it. Let me give you three reasons why Drew Brees should strongly consider hitting the market. Here are several reasons why women should learn boxing.Boxing enthusiasts even say that the sport serves as a sweet escape and even if a single round is just worth 3 minutesPresident Trump slams Frederica Wilson in a blister tweet Video. Right attitude on tolerance in modern world Video. Or why not? ( Research ). BGM (NA).Guidelines. Culture This is the place to talk about any and all things in the gamer cultural space ( video games, anime, etc). Drug Use in Sports - Should Performance Enhancing Drugs (Such as Steroids) Be Accepted in Sports? Golf - Is It a Sport?[37] Researchers point to the cathartic effect of video games as a possible reason for why higher game sales have been associated with lower crime rates. Why parents do not approve video games? The reason is that video games cannot replace a real sport game.Chess is an ancient game which is considered to be a sport game for its ability to train the brain. But what are the benefits from video games?

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