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To make utf8encode and utf8decode support other than iso-8859-1 encodings, you can easily define your encoding in the PHP source.15 years ago. Here is optimized function which converts binary UTF symbol code into unicoded string. function code2utf(num) if(num<128)return chr html php utf8 encoding. php February 15,2018 0. I have hopefully an easily resolved problem. I have set up a test php page on my sever with the following code?> However when I re-open the file to edit the symbol is appended to the symbol. Im using Php to read an xml data file and after using fread Im using utf8encode to encode the data. The problem is when the data is printed in the browser there are unwanted characters eg: On the new hosting, my website is displaying some characters as black diamonds with a question mark () instead of the correct symbol (, , , etc).php - UTF-8 Encoding with internet explorer u20AC to euro Newest. php - ajax wordpress contact form. So after a whole day of googling and debugging I end up here. MySQL. set to the following encoding: db: utf8generalci table: utf8generalci column: utf8generalci, TEXT. I put in some euro symbols and some other weird characters. IMPORTANT: when converting UTF8 data that contains the EURO sign DONT USE utfdecode function. utfdecode converts the data into ISO-8859-1 charset.If you dont know exactly, how many times your string is encoded, you can use this function:

nl Operating system: Windows XP PHP version: 4.2.1 PHP Bug Type: Feature/Change Request Bug description: UTF-8 encoding as ISO-8859-15. How can I UTF-8 encode the euro symbol? I have a column in my table with all currency symbols and am trying to display them but to no avail. my page is set as utf8.

Problem only occurs if I use advanced edit in wp-admin (post.php). Database add all settings are configured to use utf8 encoding. I have tried using iconv() and utfencode and mbconvertencoding() functions to convert the string to Unicode but the text file created has just a square box in place of the Euro symbol. Can anybody help me in this matter ? First, alittle background: The Euro symbol is unicode value 0x20AC. UTF-8 encoding is a way of representing most unicode characters in two bytes, andmost latin characters in one byte. The last number however, the euro symbol , is different. It is at position 128 in ISO-8859-1 and has the Unicode value 8364.In PHP you can use mbdetectencoding to detect and iconv to convert. PHP and UTF-8. Flourishs UTF-8 Support. Database Encoding.Each of these character encoding suffers from issues that they only support 256 different characters, with some common characters not being present (such as curly quotes and the Euro symbol in ISO-8859-1).

Use the encoding aware mb functions: echo mbsubstr(string, 0, 20, UTF- 8)You cant use substr() for them, because it works with bytes and not symbols (and they are not same in terms of multibyte encodings). « hypot | iconvgetencoding ». 3.0.6, php 4, php 5).This function encodes the string data to UTF-8, and returns the encoded version. UTF-8 is a standard mechanism used by Unicode for encoding wide character values into a byte stream. Eastern European (Cyrillic-based: Bulgarian, Byelorussian, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian. Windows encoding.Euro Symbol is not supported. This appendix contains: Unicode Code Ranges. UTF-16 Encoding.- European (except ASCII), Arabic, Hebrew. 0080-07FF. - indic, Thai, certain symbols (such as the euro symbol), Chinese, Japanese, Korean. PHP encodes UTF-8 characters in up to four bytes, like thisgreets. js. romans at void dot lv 03-Oct-2002 08:59. Here is optimized function which converts binary UTF symbol code into unicoded string. This function encodes the string data to UTF-8, and returns the encoded version. UTF-8 is a standard mechanism used by Unicodefor encoding wide character values into a byte stream.PHP encodes UTF-8 characters in up to four bytes, like this Coding Euro symbol - PHP Ive tried a lot of different things and cant get the euro symbol to show. Im using cURL to parse a page. The page is encoded in ISO-8859-1 Theres a UTF8Encode converts an ansistring or widestring S to the equivalent UTF-8 encoded unicode string and returns this resulting string.The resulting string has code page CPUTF8. Usually thats not a problem but the Droid Sans Font does only render u20AC as the euro symbol.So I assume your string is encoded in this charset, then you should convert it to UTF-8 because jsonencode only works with UTF-8 input I tried a lot of solutions, such as iconv or utf8encode functions,, shown in this Stack Overflow question the Euro symbol is converted to the latin-1 supplement euro character, and not the "proper" UTF-8 codepoint. Character encodings such as ASCII, ISO-8859-1, Unicode, and UTF-8 explained. Tips and tools for encoding characters in HTML, JavaScript, PHPUnicode now supports all the worlds languages as well as many other symbols. Unicode is backwards compatible with ISO-8859-1 and ASCII. Addin: URL encoding. Special euro characters. Euro symbol in SciTE4AutoIt3 displayed as x80.Im trying to increment the index of array arr everytime the user clicks a button. The array is defined in a separate php tag! The page is encoded in ISO-8859-1 Theres a euro symbol on the page and when I use curlscrapedpage curlexec(ch) I just get a black diamond with a question mark inside. Displaying UTF-8-encoded strings from MySQL with PHP Hi there, Im trying to migrate my project from ISO-8859-1 (Western Europe) to UTF-8.Web resources about - Writing Euro symbol with utf encoding - comp.lang. php. Home Euro symbol encoding - PHP. Return. Reply: 5. Reference - What does this symbol mean in PHP? PHP regex to find unencoded euro symbol. Problems with ASCII encoded string - PHP.

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