reflection.js for jquery





jQuery Reflection plugin. What it is. How to use.The jQuery Reflection plugin lets you add reflections to images. It is based on reflection.js 2.0. Reflection.js is a JavaScript utility available in both jQuery and MooTools that creates reflections for any images in a page. Reflection.js creates a new IMG element with special filters if the client is using IE — if the client is not IE Reflect is a built-in object that provides methods for interceptable JavaScript operations. The methods are the same as those of proxy handlers.Opera for Android. iOS Safari. Node.js.

Basic support. JavaScript Functions and Helpers. Vanilla JS utilities for writing powerful web applications without jQuery.Get the next, previous or all siblings of an element or retrieve siblings that match a given selector. jQuery: .siblings(), .next(), .nextAll(), .prev, .prevAll(). jQuery Typeahead Search is a simple plugin that suggest search results from the character(s) that were typed in the search bar using JavaScript.Bootstro.js jQuery Plugin for Guided Tour on Page. September 08, 2014 3119 Tooltip Bootstrap.