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XtremeBEAM now comes standard with our indestructible Cobra Cable a 10-foot fiber optic wonder offering a virtually indestructible internal aluminum Fiber optic / LED head light.Light weight. Better grip. Optics for High Illumination. Fiber optic cable. Small, lightweight, brilliant: The Xavier-SA fiber optic headlight delivers exceptional intensity in a sleek, unobtrusive system. Features. Fiber optic Headlight (Xenon) 3.5mm bifurcated 9-foot cable 20mm-110mm spot size deluxe headband Wolf fitting. LED Angel Eyes Halo Rings Light Guide Fiber Optic Daytime Running Lights DRL with Dimming For Car Headlight Retrofit DIY. Fibre optic headlight. Fiber Headlight It includes 2 meters length fiber optic cable. The fiber headlight should use together with a cold light source. Small, Brilliant, Lightweight Fiber Optic Headlight available on a Headband or as a Clip On System. Works with all QED Light Sources and others via the ACMI port. Of our headlights. Patented optics create superior beam quality.

Fiber Optic Light. For the strongest beam strength. Can be used with or without loupes. LUXTEC Fiber Optic Headlight GAC-2015-A w/Case, Cable Instructions Unit 2 Ancillary Coaxial System. Comes with unit only, as shown in photos. The BFW, model 3010, Maxenon (QED, Lexington, KY) headlight with fiber- optic xenon light source was taken out of service immediately and sent to a nonbiased third party for full testing and evaluation. Parameter: 1.Fiber Optical Cable Length:2M 2.Working Distance:420mm 3.Spot Size:10mmNote: The illumination source is not included! Package Included: 1 x 202A Headlight 1 x Line. Discover all the information about the product Fiber optic headlight 08-59 series - Faromed Medizintechnik and find where you can buy it. Fibre Optic Head Light.

Specification: State-of-art multiple coated system concentrates and focuses the brightest white light available-virtually shadow free Unique design enables headlight adjustment The fiber optic light cables can be sterilized in the autoclave at 134 C. Gas sterilization and chemical disinfection are alsoFiber Optic Light Cable for Headlights 495 NAS Fiber Optic Light Cable, dia. Fiber Optic General Headlight. Fiber Optic General Headlight. Focusing Model: Large Spot Light and further fine focusing sleeve, useful for bigger surgical area like plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery Fiber Optic Headlight with Cable 3.5mm diameter Fiber Optic Cable, Double Lens System Adjustable Cushioned Headband. Fiber Optic Headlight: Headlight includes: Fiber Optic Headlight with universal. quick connection Light Guide Mounting Clip of your choice (Pg. Fiber Optic (F.O.) Headlight. Compact, high-tech optics for homogeneous, exceptionally bright illumination. Ultra light, highly exible ber optic cable with gown clips, length 3 m -Please select- Fiber optic Patchcord Fiber optic Connector Fiber optic Adapter Fiber optic Attenuator Fiber optic Splitter Splice Closure ODF Panel Terminal BOX Copper Network Testers Fiber optic is often the material of choice for busy doctors and dentists because it provides the perfect solution to lighting needs for headlight, endoscopic and laproscopic procedures. Leading Importer and Supplier from Thane, our product range includes ENT Headlight such as Head Light LED and Fiber Optic Head Light. Welch Allyn Fiber Optic Headlight. Lampe frontale fibres optiques Welch Allyn. Lmpara frontal de fibra ptica Welch Allyn. Contact Us. Firefly Infinity Ultra Headlight. 699.00. Am 4000 Series.and fiber optic head lights for Dental and surgical professionals, our NEW product is a wonderful Camera fitted LED Head Light. This is a modern focusable fiber optic headlight with high performance optical system, wide focus range and powerful light spot. 4.1 Headlight, Headgear and Fiber Optic Cable 4.2 Joystick.Section 6.0 WARRANTY AND SERVICE. 6.1 Headlight 6.2 Fiber Optic Cable. 750 USD. Ultralight, high-quality, durable. Fiber-optic cable sold separately. Your existing fiber-optic cable must have a Karl Storz instrument end to be compatible with the APFH-60NC headlight. 90 degree fiber optic headlight by IsoLux.04-090VUR - Fiber Optic Headlight (Universal Connector) - Ratchet headband. Endoscopy Light Sources Surgical Microscopy Medical Headlights. In order to minimize an OEMs design time and reduce time-to-market, the fiber optic module includes both metric and imperialFibre Optic Cable -Fibre Optic Head Light -Fibre Optic Operating Light -Halogen Exam Light -Halogen Head. Coaxial Fiberoptic Headlight is available with a variable 5-80mm light spot. . IsoLuxllc - Markets Largest Xenon Fiber Optic Headlight Illumination supplier.Setting the Standards in Medical Fiber Optic Illumination. Headlights 08-139 LED Power Headlight Miniature light sources LED Power Xenon natural light 08-13106 Clar 55mm Binocular Loupes Maginfication 1,8x, 2,5x LED light Fibre Optic Product Showcase > Optical Photo Supplies and Instruments > Fiber Optic Headlight. Fiber Optic Headlight. Price As AtoN impeccably compliments our new Hatteras LED and ChromaPRO light sources, it replaces the XtremeBEAM fiber optic headlight. Fiber Optic HeadLight ,Fiber Optic HeadLights are surgical Fiber Optic Headlight with cable. Deep local lighting system, for requiring the high depth illumination to choose. DRE Xavier Fiber Optic Headlight Systems. Product ID: 12089. Condition: Factory New.DRE Xavier-SA Lightweight Fiber Optic Headlight. 11035. Get Quote. Coaxial Fiber optic Headlight is available with a variable 5-80mm light spot. Convenient Focussing sleeves for uniform quality illumination. Our lightweight, fiber optic surgical headlights deliver a brilliant spot at the necessary color temperature on the surgical field, especially when connected with one of our powerful light sources.Heads Ophthalmoscope Heads Ear Tip (Specula) Diagnostics Accessories Reflex / Percussion Hammers F.O Headlights Clar Mirror Headlights Accessories (Headlights) Fiber Optic Cables Fiber optic headlights light source. systems. ALTAIR HI 2 Brilliant, Versatile, Maximum Intensity Fiber Optics. Lightweight Fiber Optic Headlight. Small, lightweight, brilliant: The Xavier-S.A. fiber optic headlight delivers exceptional intensity in a sleek, unobtrusive system. Fiber Optics Technology is a manufacturer of medical headlights and industrial headlights. Our products are reliable, comfortable, and have several unique features. AtoN Fiber Optic Headlight. 06/27/2016 - 10:17am.AtoN is also available with our regular 7 or 10-foot fiber optic cables. Coaxial Fiber optic Headlight is available with a variable 50mm light spot. Convenient Focusing sleeves for uniform quality illumination. - Headband - Adapter : ACMI, STORZ, WOLF,or OLYMPUS (XENOSYSs adapter offers as the standard component.) - Features of Fiber Optic Headlight System Item(s) Total: 1,378.19. QTY: Fiber Optic Headlight - Headlight, Fiberoptic - Br Surgical.BR Surgical. Application.

Fiber Optic Headlight. Got Questions? Headlight, fiberoptic, LED / halogen, 9cable. 1 EA. Literature. Item Code: Jindal 84. Head Light General, Fiber Optic, with D-594 C-450.Spare Bulb For Fiber Optic Headlight. Coaxial Fiber optic Headlight is available with a variable 50-80mm light spot. Convenient Focusing sleeves for uniform quality illumination. Coaxial Fiber optic Headlight is available with a variable 5-80mm light spot. Convenient Focussing sleeves for uniform quality illumination. OTFI-0250 LED Fiber Optic Light Module. Key Features.integration into endoscope light sources, surgical microscopes, headlights and other appli

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